When I’m not moonlighting for True West, I work as a SysAdmin in a Windows-centric company. I maintain all Windows servers (Server 2008/R2, 2012/R2, 2016; WDS, WSUS, AD/DHCP/DNS, IIS) both on-prem and in AWS. Also maintain Ubuntu and CentOS systems on-prem and in AWS/Google Cloud. I’m also trying to write new Bash/batch/PowerShell scripts. Editor-in-Chief of Knowledgebase. Helped migrate network-based storage to Google Drive – increased availability, less IT dependency, usage of services we paid for. Moved WDS from sysprep/capture to MDT – increased SysOps efficiency and patch/driver updating.

Leading the Active Directory rebuild project. Collaborated with global team to design a highly available, low latency, future-proof AD infrastructure. Leveraged VAR relationships to reduce costs.

I have a solid LAMP skill set. I built this website by buying the domain on GoDaddy, spinning up an EC2 instance and giving it an EIP, creating a R53 hosted zone, then pointing GoDaddy’s DNS at that EIP, then installing LAMP and Drupal on my (reserved) instance. Then I used Let’s Encrypt to issue my TLS cert. Then I decided to switch to WordPress and here we are. That’s not to say that making this website made me a LAMP expert, I’m just saying I know my way around the stack.

I script everything possible to improve efficiency. This also increases standardization, which in turn increases efficiency. Most of my scripts are .bat, but I do have experience with .sh, .ps1, and .py. You can find most of them on GitHub.

Prior to becoming a SysAdmin, I was working for the same company as T2 support. That entailed both helpdesk support and travelling to locations across the country to install computers, networks, and printers. I also provided end-user training. I saw some really cool places, and I saw some not so cool places. But it was for sure an experience. It definitely helps put support in perspective. Anyway, there were some changes in our organization, and a SysOps opening became available, so I jumped at that. Before T2, I was working as T1 for the same company.

I got started with this company as an intern over the summer before my last semester of college. At the time, I was doing iOS/macOS support for Apple, and it wasn’t great. I liked technology, I hated phone bank support. Once I graduated, I was offered a full-time spot with my current company, which I took in January of 2017.